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Op-Ed and other Commentaries

Howard Mann has been a contributor to public debate on major international law issues for over two decades. Here are some recent contributions:



“The Realities of Sustainability”.  In a featured interview for the International Bar Association’s Annual Meeting in Vancouver, 2010, Howard Mann reflects on his career at the forefront of the development of international law for sustainable development. (International Financial Law Review, 4 October, 2010, prepared for International Bar Association. )



“The Canada-China Investment Treaty Sleight of Hand”, Embassy News, January 9, 2013. How does the Canada-China Investment Treaty of 2012, now in force, appear to give goverrnments more policy space with one hand, while taking it away with the other hand?



Howard Mann’s “Submissions to the House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade”, December 2013, on the then current draft of the Canada-European Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement. Dr. Mann was asked to testify by the Committee. Here is his written testimony. Some issues identifed here were fixed in later drafting, others were not.



"How Money Calls the Shots in CETA", iPolitics Insight, December 13, 2013, iPolitics. This commentary on the then draft text of CETA focussed on the risk of the ocntinued expansion of the ability of corproations to challenge public policy measures in Canada.



"The CETA Text: Devil’s Still in the Details", iPolitics Insight, December 19, 2013, iPolitics. This second, follow-up commentary by Howard was in response to other commentaries by the leading business organizations on the Canada-EU trade agreement.

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